The Kapelle Singers are currently a 25-30 voice SATB chamber choir. We are dedicated to maintaining a balance and blend of voices.

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The Kapelle Singers

The Kapelle Singers are an Adelaide based Chamber choir, poised to celebrate their 25th Anniversary (2020). Kapelle began in October 1995 as a small group of female singers, most of whom were past members of the Pembroke Girls Choir under the direction of Colin Curtis. The group has grown and developed substantially since its inception.

Founding Director Colin Curtis announced his retirement at the end of 2015. The choir made the decision not to rush into a long-term commitment with a new director, and instead have taken the time to reflect on the strong tradition and revel in the legacy left to us by Colin Curtis. We have also spent time and energy anticipating an exciting future.

Since 2016 the Kapelle Singers have been extraordinarily fortunate to work with some of Adelaide’s best directors on a seasonal basis. These include the likes of Christie Anderson, Emma Horwood, Jonathan Bligh, Aldis Sils, Andrew Georg, Sebastian Phlox, Peter Kelsall, and Kim Worley. Engaging guest directors on a seasonal basis has allowed us to work with talented individuals we may never have otherwise had the opportunity to meet, and to tackle repertoire we might never have imagined. These talented individuals brought their own styles, talents, priorities and senses of humour to the group. Kapelle has risen to the challenge of each new season, flourishing musically, and strengthening as a community. We look forward to the challenges and rewards which lie ahead.

Kapelle has a focus on taking their music to new audiences such as, four appearances at the International Barossa Music Festival, and presentations at Government House concert for the Friends of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. In May 2019 Kapelle travelled to Tanunda to perform a concert hosted by The Friends of the Hill & Son Grand Organ as part of South Australia’s History Festival.

Our Sample Performances

The Kapelle Singers are best heard live – for details see our Performances Page.

Our Sample Performances

Kapelle Committee

Kapelle Committee 2022

President – Carol Fort
Treasurer – Paul Wilkins
Sectretary – Michael Lane
Committee Members – Andrew Brook, James Symons, Kate Rankine, Katharine Lahn, Anthony Burton