The Foundation has been formed to provide long-term financial support for the Kapelle Singers

Formed in 1995, the Kapelle Singers has grown and developed substantially since its inception to become a four-part ensemble with an impressive number of varied performances, including four International Barossa Music Festival appearances.

Each year their repertoire and concert programs are selected with the aim of stretching the ability of the ensemble to attain a new and higher level of achievement.

A strong focus of the ensemble is to foster young singers and provide a platform for them to extend musically and to obtain solo and choral experience. As a result, the choir includes a number of singers studying for degrees in music. These students are being encouraged to further their overall development as professional performers.

Substantial financial support is needed from the business community and the general public if this youthful ensemble is to fulfill its mission of contributing to the musical life of South Australia and developing the next generation of talented singers.

Strong financial support of the Kapelle Singers Foundation will assist the Kapelle Singers to:

  • provide worthwhile vocal scholarships for young singers
  • purchase of musical scores each year
  • cover the annual costs of venue hire and publicity
  • engage professional orchestras for major works

We invite all lovers of choral music, and all who delight in seeing the young with musical talent encouraged, trained and challenged, to be generous towards the present Kapelle Singers and their future development.

To ensure tax deductibility please make payable to The Kapelle Singers Foundation.

Contact for bank and cheque forwarding details and to organise receipts.

A.B.N. 92 632 398 795